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Latter-day Saints Express Respect for Muslim Devotion during Ramadan

As Muslims throughout the world are observing the holy month of Ramadan, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in the United Arab Emirates express their respect and gratitude.

Eva Georgieva, a Latter-day Saint living in Dubai, appreciates the commitment of Muslims during Ramadan. She says, “I have observed that people are very kind and that they spend more time with their families. Living in the Middle East and hearing the call to prayer five times a day, I ask myself, 'Have I prayed enough today? Have I remembered God today?'”

Ramadan is a period of fasting, prayer, self-reflection and family gathering. Followers of Islam fast from food and drink from sunrise until sunset each day. They use this time to deepen their devotion and to make offerings to the poor and needy.

Linton Crockford-Moore, a Latter-day Saint who also lives in Dubai, has noticed a change that comes about during Ramadan. “It is a special time for me and for my family,” he says. “This is a time when the pace of the city where I live changes, a time when our Muslim brothers and sisters seek inward reflection and express an outward devotion to God.”

Latter-day Saints, who typically fast once a month by missing two meals and by making an offering to help people in need, have joined with their Muslim friends to help local organizations distribute food packages to those in need. “Serving alongside others in an organization renews my hope in humanity,” says Tamany Brown. “I am reminded that there are so many people who care and want to help those who are less fortunate.”

“During this special time,” says Crockford-Moore, “I am truly grateful for the love, openness and hospitality of the people of this country who, throughout the holy month of Ramadan, open up their homes and hearts, inviting people of all faiths to come inside and share food, serving those who are in need, hungry and alone.”

At sundown each day, Muslims share an iftar meal with family and friends. Andy Mojica has experienced the hospitality of the Iftar dinner. “I love the period of Ramadan in the Middle East. The entire country is more focused on God, on strengthening family ties, on inviting foreigners into their home for an Iftar meal and making them feel welcome.”

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